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URL: http://bivels.info/cgi-bin/baseportal.pl?htx=/music/sheet&code=6*3[2-0-2[-0-2-2[-1 [see references of code in boxes above]


By transmitting a code at the end of the URL of this page [&code=...] the script on the server will set up a music sheet respecting the coded wishes.
The major differences to most music sheet designer scripts online are:
- no need of any special features like plugins (macromedia flash, svg);
- any combination of single staffs and staff groups is possible on one sheet.


- The 1st element is the number of bars per row followed by an asterisc "*"
- Each element of the remaining code represents a group of rows (= staffs) and consists of up to 4 caracters:
  - a number (=number of rows): '2' = 2 rows in that group
  - followed by optional opening bracket '['. This will add a left bracket to the group: '2['
  - followed by optional "{" which will add a brace to the group
  - followed by an optional number specifying the row in the group where the brace should start
- Elements (groups) are seperated by '-'
- A zero '0' will insert an empty row
- '_' will insert an empty row with a line on the bottom (e.g. for a title or lyrics)

Example: '4*_-3[{2-0-2':
   - 4 bars / staff | 4*
   - 1st group is a title line | _
   - 2nd group with 3 rows, left bracket and brace starting at 2nd row | 3[{2
   - 3rd group is an empty row | 0
   - 4th group has 2 rows, no bracket | 2

Print layout

This music sheet is printable with any printer on any paper size (A5, A4, A3...) and any orientation (portrait and landscape).
You just have to create the right amount of elements that fits on one page (A4-portrait: 20 rows, A4-landscape: 14 rows)
Of course this will depend on the borders defined in the printer settings. With these you may adjust layout as you please:
for eample leaving 3 cm border on top will enable to leave space for a title,
        or leaving a right border of 10cm will allow to comment beside the staffs ...

Layout examples for A4 paper

Full page of single rows : portrait | landscape
Full page of double rows : portrait | landscape
Piano : portrait | landscape
Piano & Bass : portrait | landscape
Organ : portrait | landscape

About this tool

This page was programmed in Perl and produces pure HTML and CSS. No plugins or javascript needed.
No problems with display or print will occur with browsers respecting the W3C standards.
If you have a PDF printer driver installed, you may print (= save) the music sheet as a PDF-File.

© January 2007 by Christian Ries, Bivels, Luxembourg.